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The PoolSkim was invented by George Danks (Quality Pumps and Products) and Henry Spradbury in South Africa. Unfortunately, Henry was killed in an automobile accident before the first production run. It was left to his family to realize his dream.

We are proud to say that the PoolSkim has been accepted by Swimming pool professionals around the world. The PoolSkim received critical acclaim by winning a gold medal at the worlds largest invention show: INPEX in 1996 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The award-winning automatic PoolSkim has been selling extremely well in South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom; we are now in the process of accelerating distribution in the United States.


The logo of the Poolslim depicts an African Skimmer bird that flies low over water, skimming the surface with its long beak in search of prey.

The Poolskim also skims the water for its prey -- but does so more subtlety by use of venturi suction that draws surface water and floating debris to it like a magnet.

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