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PoolSkim  Parts

PVC 90 Degree Elbow, includes screws -- $10.99; Canada -- $17.49


PVC 45 Degree Elbow (white), includes screws -- $10.99; Canada -- $17.49


Union (o-ring, ring nut & stub plus 2 screws) -- connects Elbow to Adapter -- $11.99; Canada -- $18.49


Male Adapter connects Union to Inlet Return -- $10.99; Canada -- $17.49


Female Adapter connects Union to Inlet Return -- $10.99; Canada -- $17.49


7 Inch PVC Straight Pipe connects to elbows -- $11.99; Canada -- $18.49



Floating Hat with Blue Ring, inserts in PoolSkim Body -- $38.99; Canada -- $51.49


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If you need a PoolSkim part that is not listed, e-mail info@poolskimusa.com.

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