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PoolSkim Installation Video

The PoolSkim connects to a standard 1&1/2 inch threaded return jet -- where the water flows back into your pool.

This PoolSkim installation video includes tips for straight pipe returns and eyeball fittings.


Step by Step Instructions


Turn off the pump.
Locate the return jet located on the side of your pool -- where the water flows back into your pool. 
Unscrew the ring nut and then remove the ring and ball.

A fitting for a standard 1&1/2 inch male or female threaded return is included with the PoolSkim.
Screw the Male or female insert fitting into the return jet as firmly as possible.

Important! If your return jet is a straight pipe (i.e., unthreaded), then you will need an adapter.
Scroll down for additional information under "PoolSkim Tips".

Connect the PoolSkim elbow from the body of the PoolSkim to the UNION (ring nut, o-ring and stub).
See above picture to view elbow placements for various pool inlet (return jet) locations.
Use the stainless steel screws to fasten the connections.

Attach the clip-on bag to the outlet of the body of the PoolSkim.

Attach the combination of union (stub, o-ring, connecting ring nut), elbow, clip-on bag and body to your pool return jet
 by screwing on the connecting ring nut. Align the PoolSkim so that it is correctly positioned.
The  body of the unit should be approximately 2-2.5 inches (5-6 cm) below the water level.

Next, tighten the screws and the connecting ring nut.

Place the floating hat in the body of the PoolSkim with the large cut-out at the bottom of the hat
facing the clip-on bag
. Turn on the pump. Water should start flowing into the floating hat.
The PoolSkim will then begin skimming floating debris into the floating hat and collected in the clip-on bag.

PoolSkim Tips

  • Ensure that the PoolSkim is fully secured by firmly screwing on all connections.

  • Install the PoolSkim so the that the body of the unit is always approximately 2-2.5 inches (5-6 cm) under the water level.

  • Assure that the floating hat is correctly inserted into the body of the PoolSkim -- the large cut-out at the bottom of the floating hat must face the clip-on bag in order for the PoolSkim to create a venturi that effectively draws floating debris.

  • Direct the PoolSkim to induce a flow around the pool to bring all floating debris to the PoolSkim and to minimize dead spots where debris can accumulate. Normally, the flow is parallel to the wall; however, if your return jet is near a corner, you may need to point the PoolSkim away from the wall at a 45 degree angle to ensure an effective flow.

  • Maximize the skimming effect by ensuring that your pump basket is clean.

  • If you have a second or third return jet into the pool, this flow from these returns can be reduced by using the supplied aimflow plates. For pools that have more than three return jets, additional aimflow plates may be needed -- email  poolskimusa@gmail.com and state the number of total return jets in your pool.

    As an alternative to using the aimflow plate(s), some PoolSkim users have successfully used  "slotted" return jets instead of the eyeball types. Trouble Free Pool forum has detailed suggestions for these directional jets at http://www.troublefreepool.com/poolskim-review-t37058.html.

  • In order to prevent your Automatic Pool Cleaner hose from floating over the PoolSkim, use the supplied BUMPER. Separate the BUMPER, then insert the smaller blue knob from the bottom of the rim of the floating hat into the larger knob from the top, using a hole furthest away from the pool wall.

  • If the Automatic Pool Cleaner is getting stuck on the PoolSkim, then either change the direction of the PoolSkim or adjust your Automatic Pool Cleaner by moving the hose weight.

Every PoolSkim includes a fitting for a industry standard 1&1/2" threaded return jet.
For other threaded returns, contact poolskimusa@gmail.com or click fitting

If your return jet is a 1&1/2 inch unthreaded straight pipe, then you will need this adapter that will connect to the PoolSkim.
This fitting works well with the PoolSkim. Click the link below for details:

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Polaris 1&1/2 inch stub connector

For other types of return jets (Intex or non-standard size returns)
The Circulator Company has reasonable cost adapters that will fit the PoolSkim.
Contact Wes @ 561-208-6535 or email poolskimusa@gmail.com for questions.

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