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PURCHASE PoolSkim and/or Replacement Bags

Safely and securely order your PoolSkim or additional nylon mesh bag via PayPal.

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Shipping Only to United States

Poolskim USA no longer ships to Canada! info@poolskimusa.com for options.

PoolSkim in stock -- orders shipped same business day by priority mail!
Flat rate priority shipping to all 50 states ($12.49) via USPS: 2-4 delivery days.
No Sales Tax except for Illinois orders!

  Poolskim USA Return Policy

If you need assistance in placing your order, please contact Poolskim USA @ 630-665-8790.

PoolSkim -- $99.99, includes a durable nylon mesh clip-on bag.


The PoolSkim connects to a standard 1&1/2 inch threaded return jet  -- where the water flows back into pool.

Note: The PoolSkim is not compatible with Intex pool fittings.

A nylon mesh clip-on bag is included with every PoolSkim.

To order additional/replacement bags (free first class shipping for bags), choose from the following:

Blue Nylon Mesh Clip-On Bag for PoolSkim -- $14.99

Blue Nylon Mesh Bag without clip for PoolSkim -- $9.99

(bag attaches to your existing clip)

 Shorter Blue Nylon Mesh Bag without clip for PoolSkim -- $7.99

(bag attaches to your existing clip)

Extra-Fine Mesh Bag for PoolSkim -- $12.99
For pools that primarily have issues with tiny insects or very fine debris.
Not recomended for pools with large debris -- large leaves, twigs, etc.

  Contact Information  

Email: info@poolskimusa.com   Telephone: 630-665-8790    Fax: 630-665-2335

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