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The PoolSkim has received positive feedback from many customers.

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I just wanted to write and say a huge thanks.  I called in last week as I was looking for a place that had a PoolSkim locally to me so I called.  I don't recall the name of the woman I spoke with, but she was very nice and answered all my questions and when I told her I was hoping to get the Poolskim before the 4th, she let me know it would probably arrive by July 1st as you ship USPS Priority.  She told me she'd make sure she got it out in the mail that day. 
Well, I ordered it on a Thursday (late in the day for Central Time Zone), and I received it bright and early on Saturday morning.  I was able to get it installed yesterday and I let it run for about 2 hours and the pools is cleaner than I remember seeing it.  The robot vacuum gets the floor of the pool and the PoolSkim gets everything on the surface!
Amazing product and ever more amazing service!
Thanks again!
Timothy Ip - (7/02/19)

We received and installed our PoolSkim on June 14th. Let me tell you, this is a game changer for me. We have had our 16'x36' inground pool since July of 2007. It runs longways from north to south, so whenever we have even the slighest breeze out of the north, the built-in skimmer is absolutely useless. I got tired of the pool company company telling me that I just needed to redirect the return jets and the skimmer would work fine. Nope. I have been redirecting jets since 2007 without success. I finally had enough of manually skimming the pool everydat. My husband searched online and came across your product. He read some of the reviews to me and explained how it would work. He placed the order, it arrived and He installed it (which was very quick and simple to do). The concept is so simple and the surface of my pool has never been cleaner. There is somethin mesmerizing about sitting and watching the PoolSkim suck in everything in the south end of the pool. Now I spend mpre time enjoying my pool and less time cleaning it!
Patty C. - AL (6/29/19)

I was very skeptical about a quick fix for all of my top side skim needs. However, once I installed this auto skimmer three weeks ago it has functioned perfectly. The design is simplistic and brilliant. The hardware and net are solid top quality. I run my pool pump 4 hours a day and the PoolSkim has cut down on 90 percent of my netting time. What was an hour a day is now 5-8 minutes and the concept is so simple. I live in Fort Worth Texas where lots of leaves  and shrub flowers blow in the pool daily. I have a very old, very large pool and the PoolSkim is the best product I’ve bought to date. You can see from the attached how great it works. This pictures are first thing in the morning without any netting. What’s most amazing is neither of my built-in skimmers still work due to pipe cracks under the pool. I use the PoolSkim prior to pool renovation and I know I’ll use it afterwards. I give it a 5 of 5 rating. Thanks so much!
Charles - TX (7/15/18)

Very short and simple, life changer!  My pool requires a lot of attention due to all the trees, I installed this in minutes and when I came home from work the pool was spotless.  Well done to whoever designed this!
Clark - (10/05/17)

Just wanted to send a quick email to say how much I like my new PoolSkim device.I had been plagued with a serious debris problem in my pool for years. Bugs, leaves, dirt etc. and had been seriously considering filling my pool in due to the constant cleaning and maintenance. Now with your PoolSkim device I simply watch all the debris being sucked in to the bag and marvel at my clean pool!
As a result of all the debris being cleaned off the surface of the pool, I rarely have to run my Creepy or vacuum the pool.
I really can't believe how effective and valuable this device has been.
Now I enjoy my pool, and have virtually no maintenance to do.Thanks for making this product available to pool owners. 
G. S. -  Ontario, Canada (7/28/17).

Just wanted to leave this quick review after installing Poolskim 2 months ago.

The Poolskim is great.  It arrived promptly and install was easy after watching the videos online.  Since installation my daily pool skimming duties have dropped by 80%!  It has been easy to maintain.  Thank you for creating a product that really works
Y.P. - HI (01/12/17)

Just received my Poolskim & installed it easily. It is simple, once you figure out what parts are needed. I only needed the inlet attachment & one angled attachment for my pool. And BAM! DONE & DONE!! Leaves that normally clog up my skimmer basket are flowing into my Poolskimmer bag! What a simple idea the Poolskimmer is! AND no added electrical hook-ups, hoses, hassles. I LOVE it! The only thing I would wish for is a bigger bag, because I have lots of leaves this time of year. Thank you, POOLSKIM USA!
C. H. - TX (9/22/16)

I recently purchased a PoolSkim and think it is great. Our pool is always full of bugs and small leaves on the surface. If you don’t skim them off, they eventually sink to the bottom and then they have to be vacuumed. I read the reviews for PoolSkim and they were very positive but I was rather skeptical that the PoolSkim would actually do what the reviews said it would do in my pool. Installation was very simple and easy. Watch the two suggested videos. I only used one of the supplied Aimflow Plates for one of my return jets (I have three of them) to increased the flow to the PoolSkim. That is all that I required so I left the third return jet to flow as it was. At first I attached the PoolSkim to one of my return jets and saw that the surface debris was floating right past the PoolSkim. I was very disappointed. I have an 18x38’ pool and noticed that the bugs etc. were gathering in another corner away from the PoolSkim. I re-installed the PoolSkim on that return jet and it began to suck in everything in the area. Even some small particles that floated past the PoolSkim would circle around and come right back into the PoolSkim. So, try installing the PoolSkim in a different return jet if you see it is not doing its job. After I remove the solar blanket in the morning it seems to take about 2 hours for the PoolSkim to clean the surface of debris and it keeps it clean all day. No longer am I skimming throughout the day to keep the surface clean. My main skimmer now has very little debris in it and the bottom of the pool is much cleaner since the PoolSkim removes most of the debris before it sinks. Also I am not emptying out the pump basket regularly since the debris that used to sink to the bottom is not having to be vacuumed up. There is so much less maintenance now with the PoolSkim. So read the reviews and believe that the PoolSkim does what the company and other users claim it does. As far as customer service, well that is as good as the PoolSkim itself. I had several questions before I bought the PoolSkim regarding shipping etc. and the e-mails I sent were replied to within two hours every time, even on weekends. Great product!
J. A. - Ontario, Canada (7/26/16)

I called on Thursday because I was having problems with the pool skim that I ordered directly from your web site.  I wanted to let you know what great customer service you provided.  You stood behind your product and assured me that once I got it installed properly it would work wonders. You were right! My problem turned out to be that my filter basket on the pool pump was not filling up fully and thus was not creating enough force to the return jets.  Once I replaced an o ring in my pump, the hook up was smooth (based on the advice given) and the product works as advertised. I ended up placing the PoolSkim on the return jet next in the shallow end.  I have dogs that swim in the pool and the pool skim catches the hair before it reaches the skimmers.  Going to save me a lot of time servicing my pool pump.  Thank you for your patience, time and understanding.
M. G. - MD (7/24/16)

I ordered the Poolskim, hooked it up this past weekend, and the results are really fantastic.  I started off by only using the bag that came with the product.  It worked well, but I did notice some of the smaller debris going through.  But, a good portion of it was also being collected.  I did add a knee high stocking, and that really seems to be the best way to go. Maybe a suggestion could be to offer a finer bag as an option to the current bag, especially for pools like mine that are screen enclosed that don't get large debris at all in the pool, but get plenty of the smaller kind.  I can tell you that before using the Poolskim, my pool was basically not usable because of all the oak tree stuff that covered the top.  Just running it over the weekend made all the difference in the world.  It is very clean at this point.
P. L. - FL (5/07/16)

Your PoolSkim is truly the best product I have bought to improve the water cleanliness and to reduce my pool maintenance. I will keep sharing my positive feedback with neighbors and friends!
J. H. - NJ (9/22/15)

I just got my PoolSkim and it is fantastic. It clears the pool in no time and keeps it perfect. We usually have a lot of flying insects and leaves in the pool and now it is super clean. We had a storm last night with lots of wind and flying debris and this morning the pool was perfectly clean.  Love this product.
R. T. - BC, Canada (6/30/15)

I received my PoolSkim about 2 weeks ago and can say it has given me a new pool.  I have never written a review on any product, but then I have never bought a product that not only met, but exceeded, my expectations.  Thanks, and keep up the excellent work.

W. L. -  VA (5/28/15)


I received this to review for my YouTube Channel. The unique thing about this product is that it uses your existing return line to basically create a secondary skimmer. And a highly effective skimmer using the power of the pools return jet. It creates a vortex effect with the water returning into the pool and traps the leaves and debris in a large fine mesh bag. I tested it on some pools on my route and it works great.
D.VB - CA (2/26/15)

I've now had your skimmer for about a year, and it has performed beyond my highest expectations.  Even Mr. Bernoulli would be impressed that his discovery* would be so valuable -- * Bernoulli's principle re fluid dynamics.
J.S. - CO (2/16/15)

    Buy Now - $99.99, includes a clip-on bag   

I got the PoolSkim plumbed into my pool pond (13k gallons) and pump. I turned it on and it cleaned the whole pond surface in about 15-30 minutes. It is amazing. On full flow it sucks up everything in the pond including any curious fish, lol. I have it restricted to around 3-5 gpm to avoid over doing it and it still is working great as it runs 24x7. On full flow, which probably is about 20 GPM (as you said), it is like a black hole and sucks up everything that isn’t tied down. It works 5 times faster on its own than the two built in pool skimmers do.
Thanks for a great product. It isn’t often I see things like this that exceed expectations.
L.M. - TX (9/03/14)

I just received this product and installed it with no problems.  I am completely amazed at how well it works.  I have lots of grass and trees in my backyard and I get a lot of debris in the pool.   This is the best investment I have made and the pool surface is pristine after just a few hours.
M.A. - TX (7/18/14)

Just wanted to say how awesome this product is. Best 100 bucks I have spent on my pool.
A.K. (6/18/14)

This is the best product you can spend your money on to make owning a pool with trees that drop debris into your pool. I am so impressed at how this product works and at the ease of emptying the bag it's a true time saver and my pool never looked cleaner. No moving parts to break and once you have it adjusted, well just sit back and enjoy the pool the way it was intended to be enjoyed. Great product and so easy to install, now back to enjoying my pool.
G.S. (6/14/14)

I have an inground pool that is leaking water from a underground PVC pipe that runs between the skimmer and the filter. I called the previous owner and he said that this pool skimmer device was in the pool house. He told me that it works great and that he used it during the times he was away for long periods of time, instead of the regular skimmer. We have a lot of foliage falling into the pool and the regular skimmer stayed clogged while he was away. Rather than spending a lot of money, that I don't have, PoolSkim has saved our swimming season, this is working great.
V.T. (6/10/14)

Thanks for all your help. Went to the pool store today to check my water and realized I was making some very basic 101 pool mistakes! My water level was low and it wasn't producing enough power to my returns. I added more water and a did a few extra steps to increase pressure and flow and poolSkim started to work great! 
Took some tweaking to maximize the suction effect, but now it's working awesome. Looking to add a great review to the rest of the happy customers! Can't see having a pool without one!
M.P. - FL (12/03/13)

It is rare that I take the time to write a review of a product, but I felt the need to send my comments on the PoolSkim.  I received and installed it a couple of weeks ago.   The installation was super easy and I was amazed on how quickly it began sucking in leaves and other debris.  The PoolSkim has made a huge difference in how we use our pool.  We no longer have to manually skim the pool, so it is ready to use at a moment’s notice.  We used to spend 15+ minutes skimming the pool each time we wanted to use it.  Now we can jump right in at any time, no manual skimming needed.  Thank you so much for this incredible product and time saver.
L.R. - NY (7/03/12)

I recently purchased a pool skim and was a bit skeptical that it would work as well as stated by the reviews. I have now had it installed in my pool ( 39” long by 18” wide) for about 3 weeks. First a bit of history regarding my pool I have had it about 30 years, it has 2 returns, I have a Hayward variable speed motor. My property is surrounded by a lot of trees that belong to the neighbors and city, My problem was that I had to manually skim the pool daily and was getting tired of doing this every day. After installation of the pool skim I have not had to skim my pool once since installing it. It skims even the fine white ash that fall of the trees and normally would cause havoc with my filter. In short I recommend this product to everyone. My pool has never looked so clean in 30 years day after day, the real test will be in the fall when we experience the heavy leaf fall.. Installation was easy, what I did was a dry fit first to see how it actually fits together and then installed it in the pool. The only problem I had was determining which return to use. I run my  motor at 2800 RPM,s for about 2 hours and it cleans my pool completely and take a lot of work off my automatic pool cleaner. The pool skim bag must be cleaned at least once a week. 

Thank you for such a wonderful product.
J.B. - CA (6/03/13)

I received my Poolskim yesterday and installed it this morning. It is very refreshing to buy something that is all it is advertised to be. Excellent product.
G.E. - FL

Just dropping in to say THANKS! What an amazing product! Our 24' x 42' inground swimming pool is surrounded by two tiers of hedges and trees beyond those. My kids absolutely love not having to skim the pool each day. Even after a heavy thunderstorm the pool is clear of debris within a couple of hours. We use our pool almost year round here on the gulf coast in Alabama and this has been one of the best investments we have made for the pool. Thanks again!

M.F. - AL

I installed my PoolSkim this afternoon.  I always worry about doing-it-myself....those 'easy to install' items aren't always...easy to install!!  And I have to admit that it did take me a little time to get the instructions to work for me, but I'm proud to say I did manage to get the PoolSkim connected to my pool without too much trouble.  I even cut the piece of PVC tube to the correct size myself! 

What I wanted to express in this email is this......WOW!!!  When I turned my pool filter/pump back on I was AMAZED at the way the PoolSkim went to work!!  Every little floating bug, fuzzball and leaf was sucked into the PoolSkim with unbelievable speed!  I stood there watching it work...it was mesmerizing!  I let it do its job for about an hour and a half, and checked on it again.  My water surface was PRISTINE!  Usually I would see the normal collection of bugs, twigs, leaves, etc, floating around completely ignoring the skimmer basket.  But with the PoolSkim hard at work, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the water's surface.  I have to say....this is the best money I've spent on my pool EVER!  I am going to order one for my friend's pool.  She has a lot of trees in her back yard, and keeping her pool clean is a real challenge.  This will make her pool cleaning chores a lot easier...and I KNOW she'll LOVE THAT! 
I just want to say THANK YOU for this wonderful product, and your help the other day on the phone.
I LOVE my POOLSKIM!!  I am one grateful pool owner and happy customer.
J.S. - OH

This product works so well, I am ordering a second one for my spa. I have a large in-ground pool sits under oak and cedar trees, and PoolSkim cleared the surface in less than 30 minutes.  My pool service has stopped threatening to sneak in my yard at night and cut down all my trees….Thanks for a great product that delivers what it promises!
M.T. - TX

I absolutely enjoy my Poolskim.  I had a dead spot in the steps where everything would accumulate.  Not anymore.  I dare say that Poolskim works better than my in the wall skimmer.  I am going to recommend that my local pool shop carry the Poolskim and replacement bags.
D.D. - NC

The skimmer is truly a timesaver for pool owners with trees!
J.F. - FL

I purchased a PoolSkim skimmer earlier this year and absolutely love it.  It has essentially eliminated hours of hand skimming and made my pool debris free.
E.M. - NC

I received a PoolSkim as a gift. I looked at the size of the box and thought how could something this small work in our pool. What a surprise, it works great! We no longer waste our time cleaning leaves and other floating debris from our pool.
A.S. - TX

I must admit that the PoolSkim is the best pool product I have ever purchased since I have had my pool. I bought it late last week from your site and I just received and installed it. It is working like a charm. I tried and returned almost everything out there to deal with the leaves and other stuff that my Oak trees shed. Nothing seems to be as consistent and solid as your product. PoolSkim works great even though my pool cleaner and Spa spill-over run at the same time. Thanks for creating this wonderful product.
S.M. - TX

I live in Eastern Massachusetts and own an outdoor, in-ground pool. I used to open my pool in late June because a lot of pollen and small debris from trees would fall on the surface of the pool during May and removing them manually was very time consuming. PoolSkim cut this cleaning job dramatically and encouraged me to open the pool much earlier. This year I opened it in April! My family and I enjoy our beautiful clean pool.
G.B. - MA

This is an absolute jewel. My pool is surrounded by trees and the prevailing winds blow the surface debris away from the skimmer. The return I am using with the Poolskim is in the exact spot where the debris is blown to. My pool has never looked so good or been so little work
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
G.R. - Canada

Installed my PoolSkim today. Took all of 5 minutes and it works perfectly - even with multiple jets around the pool. All the parts I needed were included. I just used the 1&1/2 inch adapter, the attachment ring and one of the 90' elbows.  Piece of cake!
B.P. - TX

What a fantastic product you have in the PoolSkim.  We recently hooked it up (which was easy as can be), and are truly amazed at what a fantastic job it does in keeping the surface free from ALL debris.  Wow!  I was always annoyed that the surface water was never “clean” enough for me.  Now, our pool really sparkles!  I am a huge fan of the PoolSkim and I highly recommend it.  [Contrary to my concerns about robotic pool cleaners knocking it around, we have not experienced that with our cleaner].
M.A. - Canada

I should have added another sentence in my review... PoolSkim should be standard operating equipment on all pools - it is that good.
M.A. - Canada

I love the Poolskim!   It saves countless hours of manually skimming the pool.  I do have a great deal of vegetation in my yard including some trees that shed little items and two long hair dogs which there is usually floating fur.  I found that the smaller debris often goes through the net that came with the skimmer.  I now attach a knee high stocking to the collar where the net is attached and then put the net over this to secure it.  It catches everything!  While its capacity is not as great as the net, it is very efficient with the smaller debris.  I just pick the least expensive ones up at Walmart and for $5 I have about 20 (10 pairs for $5 a bargain for 25 cents each). This also allows me to change and put a new one on without having to clean the other first.
P.C. - CA

   Buy Now - $99.99, includes a clip-on bag  

Want to share you comments about the PoolSkim? Email: mailto:poolskimusa@gmail.com

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